Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WOYWW #213

I tried something new with my journal and used some things I had lying around to do the background and was really quite surprised.. I used clingwrap over paint to give it some texture, was fun to try, will do a post with more detail shortly. But its desks you are wanting to see.. So on mine is my journal just finished this page. We went shopping today and dropped by the hardware and I got some plasterers joining tape, I got a huge roll so will keep me going for ages so yay have been after this for a while. I love the texture when I see this on other peoples pages and canvases so am looking for ward to trying this out. Its been on my wish list for a while.  The other thing I brought today was a dictionary at the second hand book store. Now if you are sensitive about books don't look at this next bit.. I am really looking forward to ripping it up for backgrounds, its another thing on my wish list I can tick off..  Also popped back to the closing down sale at the craft store and got a stencil for 40% off and a few rub ons, so a few bargains.  Will look forward to using those. 

Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. yes, that's quite a big roll - probably if you unwind it it would match the height of that stack of ink pads - there's a lot! Have fun with the's OK! I've taken to buying foreign tets now, because in a workshop there's ALWAYS someone who doesn't want the word on the page I've added to their kit!!

  2. I'm always looking out for dictionaries, they are actually not that easy to find so well done you - it will be great for backgrounds. I must try that cling wrap technique for my next journal page. I'm trying to use everyday bits and pieces. Julie Ann x #54

  3. G'day Sandy
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Good for you with the bargain. I'm addicted to stencils of late. OMG your page is the colour. I also checked below and there is more of your lovely journal art to drool over...very nice
    Annette In Oz #21

  4. That look like a lovely journal page and a huge role of plaster tape. That will make for some great backgrounds.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #74

  5. Now I neeeeeeeed some of that tape, something I have looked at for a while too and keep forgetting about. Love your journal page, always nice to see another journal person. think I might well admire some more of your blog while I am here.

    Lynda #93

  6. I love what your horoscope said on the previous post! And it's so true (for most things actually) we DO have what we need already. Your journal pages and mixed media works are fab...I think you can say that you've mastered it!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  7. your journal is looking great as is your desk I had a little poke around it.
    Enjoy trying your new techniques
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52

  8. Now that's what you call a roll of joining tape! Love the journaling. Hugs. Pam#27

  9. great looking desk and page! I love to use what ever is at hand to create new looks. My daughter taught me CASA...Create And Share Always so I try to use stuff then share it so others can have fun too. Hope you have a great week and thanks for visiting my desk and leaving a message. Vickie #93

  10. Yah you finally got the tape you are going to have so much fun with it too. Love your journal page it looks awesome from what I can see. You really are steaming ahead with the journalling.

    Sales lucky you, a dictionary a mandatory item to rip apart in the art room, you should also get a bible and do it with that there are so many fun things in the bible.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 81

  11. I just got my first roll of dry-wall (plaster-joining) tape too! It looks like great fun to play with, doesn't it?!!... Nice meeting you today, via WOYWW! ~tina

  12. I have that roll of plasterer's tape... I sort of acquired it when the extension was being built and the plasterer never missed it... that was 6 years ago and I still have heaps of it left so you will be supplied for some time! LOL I think dictionaries are fair game, nobody seems to use them anymore. Annette #4

  13. You are not hurting the books, just breathing new life into them and I love what you are doing. Great artwork. Sorry I am so late - I've just been prioritising my class prep - hope I am forgiven.
    Thanks so much for visiting me, I will try to do better next week.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  14. Your work space is awesome and your journal pages look fantastic! Thank so much for sharing! :)


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