Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whats on your Workdesk? Wednesday #176

Hi all and welcome to my desk for this week..  Its Wednesday again and you all know what that means its time to pop into Julias Stamping ground to have a peek at what's going on with desks all around the globe.  I have an idea for a card so have some paper and stamps out but that's as far as I have got.
So here is my desk....

Update on the garden.. 
Well the tomato's are planted finally there part of the vegie plot was finished.. We did a big reno on the vegie garden this year and have raised the sides and devided what was two big beds into 6 beds with raised sides..  When you start things and think to yourself oh I will just devide all that up into 6 beds, well what a job it has turned out to be, hence the no cards for the last few weeks..  But as you can see below it has all been worth it and all the beds are in place and now just have to put down some crushed rock for paths....

Snow peas are up now the slugs are under control... The beer trap worked really well going to get some more of them.. There is also some lettuce and onion in this bed that you can just see in the background..  Plus the daisy bush helps with the bees and pollination. 

So that's it for another week, will hope to get some cards done for some challenges in the next few days.  Miss doing the sketches might have to check some out..

I would also like to welcome a new follower Neet.  Hope you enjoy popping in from time to time to see what is going on..
Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. Look forward to seeing your card idea come to fruition - glad the slugs got drunk and went away.
    Hugs, neet 29 xx

  2. Oh Sandy the garden is looking good, wont be long now and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour. I think I will have to pop in and have a beer and scare some slugs off for you. Then eat all your vegis straight from the garden, hehehe. Now is the time to rest, enjoy and craft.

    Thanks for stopping by, talk again soon.

    Eliza #53

  3. That's it Sandy, sock it to those slugs...they're something we don't get here in Queensland thank goodness, too humid maybe.
    Elaine #21

  4. Great looking desk. Looking forward to the card. Looks like you have been really busy in the garden and it is paying off. The tomatoes seem to be really healthy! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  5. thoughjt I was going mad, re tomatoes then realised you are in Oz!. I only have 3 plants left still producing, but willn ot be long now til they are done.... Busy desk. Francesca #61

  6. Your garden is looking a treat all the best with the tomatoes I hate those little flies that ruin it all but I am sure your companion planting will look out for the little pests.
    Sandra @31

  7. Thank you for the garden tour, Sandy! You have done a bang-up job with it and I know it's a ton of work! Now it's under control, I'll look forward to see your "indoor" creativeness! Thanks for coming by to see me and have a wonderful week! Darnell #28

  8. Good looking garden! Our gardening season is about over. Your desk looks like it's begging for use! Hope you get time to finish the card! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #112

  9. Welll, there's no better start than paper and stamps! Thanks for sharing your spring garden... we're all winding down now here! Happy WOYWW...
    Alison x

  10. Sorry I am a bit late visiting, fabulous creative space.
    Cathy #37

  11. Oh I hope you get the card done! I have to let the idea out of the bag immediately or my idea will be shot! Tamika#14

  12. That chocolatey scrummy delight on my blog this week was Fridge Tiffin. I'll probably put the recipe up next week - it's a very simple thing to make, not too expensive if you buy budget ingredients, but a sure-fire winner!

    Thanks for stopping by...

  13. Sorry I am so late getting around...I am stretching it out over the week so it is not so daunting.
    Hope you get a few minutes to work on your card design this week.
    Loved visiting your garden...Knew you must be somewhere hot! We have cut 75% of ours to the ground in the 3rd week of September!


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