Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW #204

I have been making owls for some cards, so just piecing them altogether. Finished my junk journal that is the purple book on my desk.  My friend gave me this very cool book has no year on it but must be the 50's or 60's.. Has all the plans inside of how to make all the furniture.  I will not be ripping this up to add to my collection of mixed media stuff.. I will just copy it on the printer, so many cool pages to use, lots of diagrams and plans. The plans for the outside crib for a baby so it can get fresh air without flies and bugs lol classic.. 
Update on the vegies, my other workdesk..
We picked the pumpkins yay!! we had a very successful crop of butternut pumpkins.  There is 41 in this Wheelbarrow, we had 49 altogether and I have already distributed 6 batches of pumpkin soup.. Some cooling in the pot at the moment, I get very popular when the pumpkins are ready.. I freeze in batches and give away to friends and family as they call in. 

Its no 204 this week for WOYWW . Julia from Stamping ground gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa and take a browse..
Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. That's a big pile of of butternut squashes! You'll be making soup for months :)
    I adore that old book of furniture designs! I couldn't rip it up either :)
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

  2. Very nice looking desk! I love the purple book cover...purple is my color. I am thinking about planting squash this year now that my garden beds are ready to plant. I am the worlds worse procrastinator in the spring! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #41

  3. Wow what a fabulous book - love those squashes too. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl 31.

  4. Squash galore.... hope you have as many recipes! The book looks fabulous retro fun! Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the mystery of the expanding stash collection!!! how does it happen....
    Helen 3

  5. Adore the purple and blue book covers they are super. Thanks for visiting me already today BJ#50

  6. Wow you have a lot of butter nuts there, I only got 2 hahaha.
    Love your wooden desk and sunny aspect
    Bridget #9

  7. I'm totally unsurprised by your pumpkin popularity...I paid £1.95 per kilo for a small one last week!! I do love em though. Love your junk journal. although it so doesn't say 'junk' to me. Cool book as you say, the idea f an outside crib...very high end babies then...pretty sure a pram would have done even then!!

  8. that book is excellent! happy woyww jenx

  9. I can alrady taste the soup - delicious! That book is wonderful - classic stuff.
    Have a great, autumn, week.
    Margaret #79

  10. Don't what I like better...your desk or your squash. They look amazing! Picked bunches of tomatoes here this morning but our growing season is coming to a end..for a couple of months anyway. #100

  11. Lovely books covers and the retro book is great.
    Karen #52

  12. MMM butternut squash soup :) and glad to see you'll be keeping the book together looks like alot of kewl images in there hugs Nikki #40

  13. Wooo! Drooling over the junk journals. lol! They look really neat. Happy Wednesday! SueC#107

  14. Oh gosh ... envy you those squash and your "cool book" of images! Can't wait to see what you do with that!

  15. How fun that you had such a bumper crop of those yummo squashes, Sandy! (Or pumpkins as you call them.) You must be VERY popular right about now!! And that book ... awesome! My DIL is mad for that style! Have a wonderful week!! Darnell #60

  16. Oh how wonderful..pumpkin soup coming up?
    What a great resource is that book!
    Thanjks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  17. what a great book, I have an old (very) Habitatbook, but will never rip it up...Never had butter-squash soup!I'm a bit late! Have a great crafty week!
    HaPpY WoYwW!?!
    (((Lyn))) #142

  18. Fantastic post, gosh that was a trip back in time to see some of those pags in the book. Awesome pumpkins, the fruits of your labour, pity I am so far away or I would be quing up too.

    Happy Belated WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 126

    Sorry I am running so late this week.

  19. Fab work on show and I do love the produce. Wish I could grow stuff - maybe I should have a go.
    Sorry I am so late with comments, been away - Hugs, Neet xx


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