Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WOYWW #197

I have been experimenting in my Art journal, thought I would do some more of the little birds that where on my page with the owl.  I am not sure if I am going to do more to this, or if it is finished.  I think maybe some splashes on it of a color, hmm still thinking. I found those cute little doilies that I will be able to use on cards and in my art journal. I have not seen these tiny ones like this before, pack of 100 it was a good find..  When hubby was in the hardware store I went to the paint section and picked up some paint chip cards. Have seen a few of these used on different things lately so picked up a few in coordinating colors. 

Veggie garden update, my other workdesk.. 
It is so nice today to have all the doors and windows open we have just had the hottest 7 days on record ever.  My poor vegetable garden is fizzled, the only thing growing is pumpkins (lots of pumpkins) and tomatoes. We did have a lovely yummy crop of corn, at least 55 cobs that was all in before this hot weather hit so that was lucky.. Climate change, yep everyone talking about it now.

Yummy corn from our garden
So hop on over to have a peek around desks at Julia's.  Make sure you have a cuppa ready before you venture into the wonderful world of Julia's Stamping Ground
Thanks for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments I enjoy reading every one.  

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. awesome picture...what kind of splashes of color were you going to do? Love the corn. My husband said that multicolored peaches and cream corn is the only kind he wants me to buy now. Weather has been above average the past couple of years here. The drought is so bad that we are on water conservation now and I have never seen it like that here. If we don't get rain I may have to consider no garden or xeroscaping around here. Have a great week. Vickie @1

  2. Love your art journal pages they are both so pretty to look a good corn crop this year are they easy to grow?
    Hubby is going to start his own veg garden this month and we may even get a few chokes to free roam just hope my dog sir Prancelot doesn't mistake them as his chew toys lol...
    Have a great week.

    Maria in Oz #13

  3. Fab journal pages . I wish we had a little warmth here in the U.K. we're all getting fed up with the cold weather here. Happy woyww, jill #33

  4. Those little birds look so cute....wish I could draw birds. Maybe I'll add that to the list of things to do/try/experiment with. The corn looks delicious. Fresh anything is good, but corn. Yummo! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Love your journal pages!! Perhaps we could share some of your warmth, had enough of cold here!! Happy WOYWW, Helen 11.

  6. Hey, that journal page is fantastic, love what you have done.

    Happy WOYWW

  7. Great journal page and the corn looks scrumptious - How lovely to grow your own. I must get organised to plant some things this year in our little garden :)
    Happy WOYWW Heather #46

  8. great pages - keep experimenting! i'd never had corn on the cob until i went to the states - nothing like a barbied cob dripping in butter *sigh* bet these taste amazing!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 22

  9. Its amazing what you can find tucked away in hardware stores, the tester pots of paint I find useful too.
    Right I am off to have a look at a few more desks so have a great crafty week :D
    Rum x

  10. mmmm, bet that corn is matchless, how lovely, and such a gorgeous colour! Your journal looks great - I'm in the same area, I never know when something bigger than a card is finished...I think it's a skill in itself, ater all, some of the finest artists and poets and writers leave works unfinished....!

  11. Love your art work - great colours and design. It's soooo cold in UK getting fed up with the wind and snow at present, but looking forward to getting some French beans, Peppers and Tomatoe seeds in soon. Happy WOYWW Gill x #50

  12. Your desk looks great, and tidy in the crafters way lol! I do art journaling, and I love your pages!! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #54

  13. Love your tidy desk and your journal pages. Your veg looks great, wish we had enough sun to grow corn like that, still can't have everything!
    Carol.x #52

  14. Trying to work out where you live, certainly not the UK where we have had biting winds, snow and cold cold weather.
    Not envious of your heat though, we are all prisoners in our homes (crafting is a good get out) be it wet and cold or hot and sunny.
    Love your journal pages and I think I would leave them were they mine, love those birds.
    Hugs, Neet xx 16

  15. Love your long legged birds!
    Happy Wednesday

  16. Your journal page is lovely, and the corn looks quite tasty!

    Waving hi from the bears @#74 this week.

  17. love your little birds on your lovely journal page. How nice to have the lovely weather but what a shame for the veg. My dad lives in New Zealand and all the farmers over there are struggling with the heat wave they are having. The seasons just don't get it right any more
    Happy WOYWW
    Ria 60

  18. Hi sandy, love your pages with the stilt walking chicks. Cute!
    your corn looks amazing!
    Stay cool!
    Jo x
    ps... I didn't win them ...the stamps were a lovely unexpected TY gift from Neil. how cool is that?

  19. Your page looks finished to me and I love it. The corn looks so tasty I am going to add it to the shopping list for this week! Tracy #67

  20. Lovely journal pages, bright and uplifting. Isn;t it funny how you have the hottest days ever, and we are in the grip of a freezing cold spell, too cold for spring!

    Happy woyww

    Debs #84

  21. Happy WOYWW. That corn is making me hungry! Love the little birds on the journal pages. Ali x #34

  22. Hi Sandy,
    I would leave the pages as they are, those little birds POP on the pages. I too am trying to figure out where you are to have pumpkins and corn right now. Here it is getting to be planting time and I am hoping to get a garden in this year, but have to wait until our trip is over to plane.
    Krisha #97

  23. I love the birds it is such a wonderful journal.
    Monica. 84

  24. What lovely little yellow birdies in your journal!! I love the little owls on your desk watching over you, too.
    The corn looks yummy! I'd love to have a garden...but here in central Florida we have been having several years of drought and it would be a struggle just to keep it alive as our summer comes on fast and hot!
    Anna #98

  25. Your journal pages are super - I love your birds.

    Happy WOYWW Susi #64

  26. Love your art pages. The corn looks so fresh and pretty. I'm in central Florida so my garden area last year was in tubs around the pool which I had to keep soaking with water because the heat was awful. lol!

  27. I think we are the complete opposite to you! I was on playground duty yesterday and it was so cold, I could hardly breathe! We are longing for some sunshine and warmth here, I need to get out in my garden....
    Love your owl too! They Re so on trend here at the moment.
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  28. I like your whimsical little birds in your art journal page, and your corn looks yummy. Blessings!

  29. I could use some of your warmth here in the states, too. Though they say we should be 70 degrees (F) by Friday. Right now I'm in a long sleeved/ fleece lined sleep shirt and a pair of leggings. The furnace is turned on as it's cold enough to want heat but not enough to boot up the wood burner ::; sigh :: No happy medium.

    I love your journal pages. I think they're fine the way they are. Cute birds! and the doilies 100 pk? Wow! Yep, I went paint chip hunting last weekend, too. Find I always go for Victorian color pallets Hmmm.

    Hopping off! Have a Blessed week? Kelly #126

  30. I love your art journal page. Those birdies are too cute!! I would love to have a little garden but seems too much work and knowing me, I would kill everything. LOL. Brigita #116

  31. I love your chicks on their long legs. Your corn is beautiful. It's funny - your growing season is coming to an end where ours is just going to be starting in the next month. April #110

  32. Hullo there Sandy,
    Well, lovely work going on here, such cute bright cheery chicks love 'em! and well that corn, yes please yum! send some over here!
    Thanks so much for popping over and for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #15

  33. Your art journal spread looks amazine! Love the 'Spring-feel' it has to it. A few splashes of color you say? Hmm, that might give it that finishing touch. Pink or orange maybe? Happy, belated, woyww. Marit #79

  34. I just love those long legged chick-a-dees! Their yellow ness just pops off the page. Ah home grown corn...we always have a problem harvesting corn...blanch, eat, throw in freezer bags....whoops, stop that blanch, throw in freezer bags!

    Hubbie and sweet father-in-law...NO. Blance, eat and every now and then put one in freezer bag. I thought they were nuts eating raw corn....until I tried it. Nothing is sweeter than fresh picked, blanched to say, lots never make it to a bag because we are to busy verifying that the corn is good!


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