Monday, January 28, 2013

Owl barn calendar 2013

I was very excited when I found this link to the wonderful owl calendar for this year.. Its a Free download, I remember I downloaded it last year and so loved all the lovely owl art works.  There is 43 pictures on the website and you just pick what wonderful picture of the owl you want, for the month that you want, then download.  I print it on to cardstock and cut it out and make a little stand for it.. The owls are just adorable and the hardest thing is making the choices of what one for what month.. 

Jo James of the blog The cart before the horse Has one of her beautiful owl pictures included in the calendar.  Drop by her blog and say hi and take a peek around her amazing blog.

The link for the calendar is here at  My owl barn.

Remember to grab the calendar button, and share the love..

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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  1. Hi Sandy, thanks so much for sharing this calendar, I've just d'loaded and going to print it out tomorrow. The owls are gorgeous.


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